Dawson Pics

Here are some pictures of various characters. I promise to get more, but if you have any that you'd like to see here, or have a specific character you'd like to see more of, let me know! If you plan on looking at pictures, the best thing to do is to minimize the little advertisement box until you are finished going back and forth. Otherwise, it will keep reappearing and you'll have to keep closing it! Sorry! I know its a bummer, but c'est la vie!

Logo 1:
Logo 2:
Group Photo :
Dawson & Joey:
More Dawson & Joey:
Even More Dawson & Joey:
Jen & Dawson:
Mr. Leary:
Mrs. Leary:
Dawson deep in thought:
Joey & Dawson (again!):
Pacey :
More Pacey:
Even more Pacey:
More Jen:
Even more Jen:
Cliff & Nelly (mean people from class):
Pacey with Tamara (teacher):
Joey & Dawson on bed:
Joey (green background):
Joey looks distraught:
Joey & Anderson (rich boy):
Kevin (show's creator):
Tamara :
Pacey & Dawson at the video store:
Cast behind bars (closeup):
Dawson, Joey & Jen:
Dawson cradles Joey's face:
Dawson, Joey & Jen 2:
Joey looks around corner:
Joey on some stairs:
Sexy Joey!:
Joey leaning:
Joey thinks:
Sexy Jen:
Pacey (again):
Dawson closeup:
Dawson looks hot 2:
Dawson (again):
Dawson looks:
Nice legs, Joey!:
Joey's TV guide cover:
Dawson's TV guide cover:
Jen's TV guide cover:
Pacey's TV guide cover:
TV guide group pic:
Dawson in TV guide:
Joey in TV guide:
Jen in TV guide:
Pacey in TV guide:
More Joey in TV guide:
Joey in green halter top:
Joey sips her drink:
Joey looks like Kate Moss:
Joey crosses her arms:
More Jen in TV guide:
Jen leans on fence:
Jen with curly hair:



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