Twenty Reasons Why "The Breakfast Club" was the Best Episosde!


2.  Pacey is shirtless and sweaty when he plays basketball with Dawson
    for the second time!

3.  Joey: "I wish I WAS a Lesbian!"

4.  Pacey: "No way! Emilio Estevez did all those DUCK MOVIES! 
           Those were great!" [chuckles] "WHAT?!"

5.  Pacey was caught "relieving the tension" in the bathroom!

6.  Everyone at school hates Jen.

7.  Joey (to Jen): "Why can't you just act more like a wench?"

8.  Dawson's nickname is 'Oompa Loompa'. He really does look like one!
   (the shape of his face, his hairstyle)

9.  The librarian is watching Days of Our lives.

10. They photocopy their butts!!

11. They all treat Jen like she's a prude. (Yeah, right!)

12. Joey admits (non verbally) that she likes Dawson.

13. Dawson busts up Pacey's face with a basketball.
    (I guess he does have a violent side.)

14. Joey beats up the school hunk!! GO JOEY!!

15. Joey ALMOST tells Dawson about her feelings for him.

16. Jen isn't there for 'movie night' at the beginning.

17. Mean girl: "I sense some weird sexual tension going on
                between the four of you."

18. Pacey grabs his own butt (they show a close up of it!)

19. The sequence where they all run through the halls

20. Because after I saw it, I couldn't wait till next week!!!!!!!



Janet Mitchell