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Welcome to the home of the Breakdowns List. There is no one owner, because a bunch of us will be running it. The list is a place for venting, joking, whatever. Caution: We do make fun of people. Any positive references to Jim Morrison, The Golden Girls, or Sheryl Crow are appreciated. We will not tolerate any dirty bra straps or glittery blue eyeshadow. If you are offended by this page, you will definitely not like the list.


Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!
Why can't the world curl up and die?

Jim Morrison knew it, and I know it too:
Everyone's fucked! Now why can't you?

Blood on the floor drips blood in my eyes
Patty will show you her dark surprise

Why can't it be simple? Why can't it be true?
I'd give up this life if it wasn't for you

Fucking Fat lumbering damn obese whore!
I'll hit you and stab you, then kill you some more!

It's time for school! get up you!
You get to get laughed at and stared at, too

This is a joke! A big fucking lie!
I'll never survive this-I'm going to die.

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