Dawson Leery


Real Name: Hometown: Movies:
James Van Der Beek Cheshire, Conneticut " Angus", "I Love you... I Love You not", "Harvest"
College Major: Birthday: Sign:
English March 8, 1977 (he's 21) Pieces

No one likes Dawson!
Why are there no pages about Dawson on the internet? There are lots of pages devoted to Joey and Pacey, even a few devoted to Jen! But no Dawson ones! Why is this? Dawson is not only the coolest character on the show, and the best looking, but the show is named after him! He's the main character! Give him some credit! If you have a site devoted to James Van Der Beek (dawson leery) email me at jmitchell000@ameritech.net so I can link to it! If you don't have a site devoted to him, MAKE ONE!

About Dawson Leery
Dawson is upset because his parents are splitting up, and he's having a hard time adjusting. He has to realize that his parents aren't superhuman and they make mistakes. Dawson is also struggling after being recently dumped by Joey (a situation I can identify with). He can't adjust to going back to being 'just friends'. Plus, he is jealous of Joey's new boyfriend. He really cares about Joey, and it hurt him that she refused to help him with the new movie he is making. But he wants to help her, so he gave her half of his prize money from the horror movie they made together. To top it all off, Dawson is stressed out about Jen, who is falling back in with a bad crowd and resorting to her old New York ways. Jen is just lucky that Dawson is there to wipe the puke from her mouth and carry her to bed. Dawson is such a nice guy. I wish I had a boyfriend like him.

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