The Dawson's Creek cast recently modeled for the J Crew catalog (probably because J Crew funishes all of their wardrobe!). Here are some samples of those pictures. They're actually quite cute. Remember that these are copyright of the J Crew company, they don't belong to me. Another point of advice: minimize the advertisements until you are totally finished looking at the pictures. If you close it every time, the box will keep reappearing!

Group pictures- Group splashy picture
3 on a boat
Group hug
A Picnic
"The big picture"
Backs to camera:
On the water front

Dawson and Pacey- Dawson & Pacey
Dawson & Pacey with dog
Dawson playing football
Pacey with dog
Pacey takes a snooze

Dawson and Joey- Joey & Dawson (with livesaver)
Dawson & Joey near a tree
Joey & Dawson near fence

With Jen- Dawson & Jen nose to nose
Pacey & Jen:
Pacey dips Jen

Joey & Pacey



Janet Mitchell