Nothing553: Hi
Jeremy541: Hello...this is Heather, right?
Nothing553: Yeah..
Jeremy541: Well, how are you? I just came on
to check my email.
Nothing553: I'm alright, i guess.. how are you?
you don't have time to talk?

Jeremy541: No, I can talk. I had a good
christmas. I basically got what I wanted. How
about you? I'm assuming you celebrate
Nothing553: Yeah, I celebrate Christmas. I had
a good Christmas as far as gifts go, yes. My
sister wasn't here so it was a very different
Christmas then I'm used to. I posted last night,

Jeremy541: The holidays can be
goes the lovelife? Unless its a touchy subject, of
Nothing553: the lovelife is messy-faced. I'm
currently single now!

Jeremy541: :( Well, being single is a lot of fun
anyways. Anyone you've got your eye on? ;)

Jeremy541: Besides me, of course! :)
Nothing553: Hehehe..besides you.hmm that's a
tough question. I think I'm just going to be single
for awhile..

Jeremy541: good for you.
Jeremy541: wait, that sounds cheesy...
Nothing553: what?
Jeremy541: "good for you". that sounds so
Nothing553: true;-) but i understand what you
Nothing553: So..are you romantically involved
right now?

Jeremy541: Well, I don't know. I have a lot of
friends who are girls, and I flirt with them alot. I
know that some of them have a crush on me, but
I'm not technically dating anyone. We just mess
around once in awhile.

Jeremy541: If I was seriously dating someone,
I'd have to devote a lot of time and attention to
her, so I'd be choosing to spend time with one
friend or another...

Jeremy541: you know how people get.
Nothing553: Yeah, i understand. I think at our
age it's better not to be seriously dating anything

Jeremy541: Yeah, what are the chances you'll
end up with that person anyway?
Nothing553: as long as you don't play
people..everything is ok
Nothing553: I know.. it seems limiting.
Jeremy541: Yeah, I'm definitley not a "player"!

Jeremy541: "playa"
Nothing553: it's not's playa;-)
Nothing553: weird.
Jeremy541: :)
Nothing553: I'll be right..i have to run
downstairs..feel free to keep talking

Jeremy541: ok
Jeremy541: When you get back, could you tell
me who Karl is?

Jeremy541: Your dad, brother, friend....? He
made you happy right before Christmas.
Nothing553: Hi..
Jeremy541: welcome back
Nothing553: Karl is my friend.
Nothing553: I thought I liked him...I thought he
liked me.

Jeremy541: ? what happened?
Nothing553: then everything :::awful noise:::
Jeremy541: yuck
Nothing553: sorry
Jeremy541: life sucks
Nothing553: yes, yes it does sometimes
Jeremy541: I can see your dad didn't kill you
because of the windsheid though! :)

Jeremy541: oops, windshield
Nothing553: I'm pretty sure I'm over it/him...
true, he wasn't even *that* upset
Nothing553: because i told them, and I started
to cry then he was like "it's ok, it was just an

Jeremy541: Good strategy!!
Nothing553: yeah, i know..i try;-)
Jeremy541: Guys always melt when a girl starts
Nothing553: i know;-)
Nothing553: what do you think of the current
post... i started off really upset because Karl told
me that his girlfriend doesn't want him talking to

Jeremy541: !!!Oh!! Did you know he had a
Nothing553: he broke up with his girlfriend..
then he had sex with her.. now they're back

Jeremy541: Apparently he did like you though,
if he was talking about you...

Jeremy541: she must've been jealous.
Nothing553: yeah..he was "infatuated by me
because of my amazing mind"

Jeremy541: a bunch of crap?
Nothing553: he claims it isn't
Jeremy541: Where do you meet these guys?? I
hve to set you up with some real men!
Nothing553: real men, eh? I'd like some of those

Jeremy541: Hey, one at a time!
Nothing553: ok..ok.. ::regaining composure:::
Nothing553: most people can't handle me
Jeremy541: Sorry to get you all riled up!
Nothing553: it's ok..really;-)
Jeremy541: ?what do you mean? handle you?
Nothing553: like if they would sub to my
list..they would think i was on drugs that's why
my thought patterns are so dodgy
Nothing553: I'm honestly nervous what you
think of me..after you read the posts and IM with

Jeremy541: :) I like your list. I think its a great
way to get our your thoughts and feelings and
share then with others. Its very healthy also. Did
Karl say something bad about the list?
Nothing553: he just subbed and read the
archives and asked me if i was trying to depress

Jeremy541: !!What an asshole!!
Jeremy541: kick him off the list!
Nothing553: i told him..if people were honestly
getting depressed then they don't fully understand
my thoughts as art or anything creative

Jeremy541: I thought he liked your mind!
Nothing553: apparently he's afraid of it..
Nothing553: because he doesn't want to be

Jeremy541: maybe he's depressed himself.
Nothing553: do you think what i write about is

Jeremy541: When you're depressed, you can't
handle certain stuff, It has nothing to do with what
you write, Heather, It's his problem.
Nothing553: he liked the writing..he said it was
vivid, or some bullshit

Jeremy541: okay.. he's very inconsistent
Nothing553: yeah, it appears so..
Nothing553: what do you think of the list?
Jeremy541: Like I said, Heather, I enjoy
reading it. I looked back at some of the achives,
and I enjoyed those too. I think this is wonderful
that you can share your thoughts and feelings with
others like you do.
Nothing553: most of the time, i don't think other
people are reading it.. like if i do, i think it would
alter my thoughts because i would be like "what
do they think of me"... you know what i mean..

Jeremy541: Keep doing that. It's for you. It's
your special project.
Nothing553: yeah, but the thing is.. i want them
to be readable, and people to kind of understand

Jeremy541: Some of them really reflect that. I
think you've got a good system going. Some can
be more vague, and then every once in awhile, try
to write a more focused, easy to understand one.
It'll be a good exercise in really pinpointing what
is bothering you in normal terms. It will seem
more real.

Jeremy541: Heather, where did you meet this
guy? He obviously doesn't know squat.
Nothing553: yeah, recently there has been more
of a narrative element to some of the
choir one and the windshield one
Nothing553: which guy?
Nothing553: Karl or the other one
Nothing553: Oh my god!
Nothing553: I just got an email from a list

Jeremy541: who?
Nothing553: Adrienne something
Jeremy541: karl i meant...what did she say?
Nothing553: "you're extremely cultured to know
about things like jim crow laws and
zoroastrianism! where have you learned about all
this stuff? you
must be really smart. are you planning on going
to george washington
university? you seem almost as sophisticated as

Jeremy541: hmmm... is that sarcastic or for
Nothing553: I have no idea..
Nothing553: I didn't know... paying attention in
US history and taking comparative religions made
me cultured.. and I'm really glad I'm almost up to
her sophistication level..

Jeremy541: I guess I'd take it as a complement
Nothing553: i guess... on to Karl, we're both left

Jeremy541: meaning?
Nothing553: he's a communist, I'm a
that's how we met

Jeremy541: at a rally or what?
Nothing553: we're both on the Young
Comrades list and we kind of just met up

Jeremy541: that's cool. So have you ever really
met him/seen him?
Nothing553: yeah
Jeremy541: what happened?
Nothing553: we really liked eachother
Jeremy541: that's when you were happy?
Nothing553: yeah
Jeremy541: what did you guys do, talk?
Nothing553: yeah..mostly
Jeremy541: mostly? ;)
Jeremy541: ??
Nothing553: other things..
Jeremy541: !!!!
Jeremy541: heather!
Nothing553: what?!
Jeremy541: what other things!!
Nothing553: kissed and stuff
Jeremy541: no more?
Jeremy541: c'mon, details!
Nothing553: nope.
Jeremy541: :)
Nothing553: um...
Nothing553: we'll just leave it at that
Jeremy541: okay. :0
Jeremy541: :)
Nothing553: are you republican or democrat?
Jeremy541: democrat
Nothing553: ::wips sweat off brow::
Jeremy541: !:) I hate what's going on in
Washington right now.
Nothing553: yeah me too.. sexual
mccarthyism..<--i took that from a book i saw..

Jeremy541: what book?
Nothing553: it was called Sexual McCarthyism,
i think.. i saw it at a book store
Nothing553: i wrote back to that girl..and i was
very nice

Jeremy541: Good. Maybe you'll find out she
was trying to be nice, too. :)
Nothing553: yeah..maybe.
Nothing553: what should we talk about?
Nothing553: I'll be right back...keep talking
Jeremy541: I dont' know. Is there anything you
wanted to ask me? ok, I'll wait

Jeremy541: How about that play? Did you finish
it without your partner?
Nothing553: urgh, the play! i didn't even start it..
I think I'm going to just write my own. and be like
my partner's name is not going on it.. she's going
to have to write her own also.. yeah, tell me
about yourself..

Jeremy541: well good luck. I dont know? Ask
me a question.
Nothing553: what do you like to do? what do
you like?

Jeremy541: Music...I play a little. um, writing,
acting, alot of artsy stuff
Nothing553: artsy stuff is good.. do you like

Jeremy541: kinda, i mean, I used to play
soccer, but its not important to me.
Nothing553: i really like soccer.. it's kinda the
only sport i like
Nothing553: besides NBA basketball..
Jeremy541: Yeah, its fun. do you play?
Nothing553: which doesn't exist
Nothing553: Yeah, i can play..but not too often
Nothing553: because none of my friends like
Nothing553: so i have no one to play with
Jeremy541: too bad. If you lived in Louisiana, I
could play you and whip your butt! :)
Nothing553: hehehe... I don't live anywhere near
Louisiana..anyhow.. you definitely could whip my
butt cos i'm crap..

Jeremy541: hey, my mom is making choc chip
cookies. I'm gonna have to go. the smell is getting
to me.
Nothing553: Oh..ok.. I'll talk to you someother
time. have fun.. laters

Jeremy541: Bye! have a nice day Heather. :)
Nothing553: you too :-)